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The Teacher Trove

Mocha Paper Clips

You're sitting at your desk on one of your mini breaks. (Between classes, recess, or daydreaming during your planning period.)

You only slept five hours last night because, you know, life.

You really wish you had time to drive to Starbucks right now to get your favorite mocha latte... but you can't.

Well, they say smell is half the taste! Grab a pack of these mocha paper clips and get a mid-day scented pick-me-up!

The Sniff Its Mocha 4-Pack includes 4 of ScentCo's scent-infused silicone characters each with an attached clip. Use them as paper clips, bookmarks, or decorations.

Collect all 4 sets!

  • Scent infused silicone characters
  • Scents last for 2 years.
  • 4 paper clips per package
  • Mocha scented