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Who We Are

Andy & Andreana

Hi! I'm Andreana. I've been a middle school science teacher in public schools since 2006.

I'm Andy - Andreana's husband. I've been a private piano teacher since 2010.

I have always loved buying supplies for myself like brightly colored notebooks, specialty pens, and other fun classroom supplies. Things to give your workdays and teaching experience that extra little sparkle. You know?

So one day I went online looking for one of those subscription box thingies, thinking "Wouldn't it be great if I could discover something new every month?" But none of them really gave me that 'wow' factor. So I decided to create one myself! I brought the idea to Andy and he loved it and he just jumped right in with me.

Yep! I was stoked about the idea. And I've always wanted to start and run a family business, so this was the perfect opportunity.

While Andreana is very in touch with which products will charm and delight you, I bring something entirely different to the table: my passion for business, exceptional customer service, and great design.

Well! We gotta go. More boxes to build.

Yeah but, please drop us a line at weloveteachers@theteachertrove.com because we would LOVE to hear from you!

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