We created ten printable posters for your classroom, all centered around growth mindset and student affirmation.
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A monthly subscription box for modern, creative teachers.

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*This is a picture of our November 2018 box. Actual items change monthly.

You have planning periods, but spend half of them in meetings. 

You have a lunch hour

You have thirty minutes for lunch (which you usually spend planning.)

You spend your evenings grading papers and filing lesson plans when you should be relaxing.

 You do all of that, you pour your heart and soul into your classroom, because you care about your students.

Well, we care about what you're doing, and we care about you.

That's why every month, we spend hours scouring the internet for the cute, the new, the useful, the awesome, unique and delightful products we know you'll want to use in your classroom every day.

Then we carefully package them in a box and ship them to your doorstep, every month.

We don't just find products - we also make them. For instance, a series of 10 printable Student Affirmation posters for you to hang in your classroom! Here's a preview of three of them:

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