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Unique Gifts For Teachers

You have that teacher in mind - to you, she's friend or family, or else she does a great job teaching your child.

You want to get something special for her... but what? Another coffee mug? More chocolates?

We surveyed our teachers on Facebook and Instagram and found that the number one thing they said they get too many of is coffee mugs. Second: food (as they're sometimes trying to lose weight.) But what will you get her, then?

The Teacher Trove, of course!

We are a monthly subscription box for modern, creative teachers. We feature fun, creative, useful items which can add a bit of flair or whimsy to your teacher's classroom and help facilitate a better teaching experience. (Note: our box is definitely geared more toward women.)

We spend hours combing the internet for the lesser-known gems that are difficult for a teacher to find or buy for herself. (And, sometimes, we include products from larger companies, like erasable highlighters from Pilot.)

Technically, we stop taking orders for the next month's box by the 30th, however it just so happens we have some of October's box left over.

Get one for your teacher before they're gone!

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