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The Teacher Trove October 2019

October 2019

In this month's box, we included two personalized items:

1. A pencil box with your teacher name


2. a Megan Made lanyard

(@shopmeganmade on Instagram). Megan is a full time teacher - and we love supporting teacher creators! We asked for your favorited color and sent you a lanyard corresponding to that.

 ...also included in this box:

Washi tape

Who doesn't love a good roll of washi tape? Use for classroom decorations or setup or in your planner - or just for fun!

A Paper Airplane Doodle Notepad by The Teacher Trove

This small notepad is perfect for taking notes. Trace the paper airplane while you're brainstorming, or come up with your own doodles! ;)



One set of inspirational pencils by @thesecondmessenger