3 Reasons Our Subscription Box is the Perfect Teacher Gift

Three reasons why our subscription box is the perfect gift for teachers.

Number One - Make Mail Fun! 

Remember when getting stuff in the mail used to be fun? Particularly as a kid - when everything you got in the mail was something you wanted, and not, say, an electric bill?

Subscription boxes make checking the mail something to look forward to again!

Picture it - pretend you’re a teacher. You signed up for a subscription box a couple weeks ago, which promised to be full of fun surprises to help you in your classroom. Today, you get an email saying your order has been shipped. Squeeeeee! What fun!

You go about the next couple days, business as usual - students, parents and paperwork - but in the back of your mind you know you’ve got something on the way!

(You know this feeling even if you’ve recently ordered something from the interwebs that wasn’t a subscription box. How fun is it to get that notification that your item was delivered? You can’t wait to get home to check it out!)

The day has been a little stressful, but good overall. You get home. There’s your box.


Then, you get to go inside and open it! Like a present! Our teachers who buy the box for themselves often say it feels like getting a gift every month.

Number Two - It’s Easy on You 

Look, I’ll be honest. Gift shopping can be hard. What do you get her? A mug? (She has a million of them, they’re common teacher gifts.) 

A T-shirt? (same.)

Do you get her something that helps with her students, or should the focus be on her?

So many questions!

Make it easy on yourself. If you gift a subscription box for your teacher, you no longer have to think about it!

You purchase the gift card, and we’ll do the rest.

 (We’ll email or IM the gift card based on your input. Your teacher will use the gift card to sign up for the subscription. The end! You’re done!   ) 

Number Three - Shipping Is Free

Shipping is included in the cost of our subscription box - and so are returns! It’s our mission to help support and sustain teachers. We want our teachers happy! So if she’s not happy with the box, she can return it and exchange for something else.