TPT Resource: Puzzle Piece Templates

 Puzzle Piece Templates {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}

Hey Trovers!

Here’s an awesome free resource on TPT: a puzzle piece template for a two- and a four-part puzzle. This resource is perfect for matching activities. Some topics students could practice:

  • vocabulary words
  • connecting ideas
  • a foreign language
  • math facts and symbols

Alternatively, you could give students blank puzzle pieces and have them come up with the puzzles. They could trade with a partner, complete the puzzle, and give each other feedback - talk about student centered! This is how I plan to use this resource with my students.

For instance, next week we have a test on Newton’s Laws. I’m going to have students pick one of Newton’s laws. On one piece they’ll draw or write a real life application of it, and on the other they will write the name of the law. Then, they’ll give the pieces to their partner to review for the test.

Click here to see it on TPT!*

If you have a suggestion for using this resource, share it with us on our Facebook group!

We'll be writing a follow-up blog post with the best ideas.

Stay awesome!



*We are not affiliated with TeachersPayTeachers, Krista Wallden or Creative Clips, and this is not our product. We just thought it was awesome and wanted to share!

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