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It's that time again. Halloween is over and we are now officially in holiday shopping season as the end of the year approaches.

End of year also means end of semester for millions of kids (and their parents!) And maybe that's got you thinking about showing some appreciation for that special teacher in your kid's life.

Or maybe that teacher is your wife, and you just wanted to make her feel special and loved.

Or maybe it's your daughter who is about to graduate with a teaching degree, and you wanted to get her a gift to say congratulations!

But what to get her?

Don't get something generic - like another mug or a t-shirt. Instead, sign her up for the Teacher Trove!

The Teacher Trove is a monthly teacher subscription box created by teachers, based in Houston, TX. 

Each month we spend hours browsing the internet for the cute, the useful, the delightful and unique products that enhance the teaching experience and brighten up the classroom.

Then we package 5-7 items up neatly in a box with festive paper (and a special note from you, if you want), and ship it right to your teacher's doorstep!

Imagine the delight and surprise when she gets the first box. It looks like this:

And when she opens it, it might look something like this:

In this particular box, there is a fountain pen, a cute pencil pouch, some Grip Grass by Poppin (for desktop organization), some colorful and uniquely shaped paper clips, a set of synonym bookmarks, and one Notes on a Roll sticky-note set.

Now, every month the box varies, but this is a good representation of what might normally come in a box. 

Just think about how she will feel loved and supported every time she uses one of these products, or gets another box in the mail! (After all, we have 3 and 6 month subscriptions available, too.)

How It Works

  • You order today
  • We ship on the 4th of next month (or the next business day)
  • It arrives in 1-3 business days
  • Your teacher is excited and delighted!
  • If a monthly subscription, you'll be recharged on the 11th.
  • (3 and 6 month options are prepaid up front.)

If you're ready to stop looking for your teacher gift (and let us handle it instead), then click here to pick a subscription and let's make it happen!

Andy Grall
Andy Grall

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